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What Is DayBreak?

DayBreak is a small Windows program that helps you to keep track of the tasks you carry out through the day. You can keep it open on the desktop or keep it in the system tray.

Click here to download it for free!

DayBreak tracks your work as a series of tasks. Each task can contain one or more time slots. These time slots have a start time, stop time and optional comments. It will allow you to start and stop tasks as you choose and then continue them later on. DayBreak will keep track of all the times you start and stop each task and maintain running totals of time for each.

You can create as many tasks as you wish and start and stop them as often as you like.

At the end of a day or week etc you can produce reports showing a break down or summary of the time spent on each item. This can be useful, for example, in entering up timesheet details or merely as a record of work done. DayBreak is intended to be relatively small and quick to allow you to keep it running all the time or to load it quickly when you want to enter task information. It is not a full featured job control system but has been designed to focus on a specific aspect of time recording.

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