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Long Established

Originally established in Ealing in 1979 and now based in Ruislip, we have, for many years helped businesses and other organisations in West London to install and improve their computer systems. We have provided a full range of PC technical support for small businesses and their networks.

We now concentrate almost entirely on our software development but are able to use our PC support experience to help provide a full "end-to-end" PC service for those clients that need it.

Wide Ranging Hardware And Software Experience

We have been writing PC based applications since our earliest days, starting with Dbase II and the ever present BASIC. Over the years we have produced software using various languages and systems but with special emphasis on Delphi and C#.
Most of our current work is using Microsoft .NET and web based technologies.
Our clients include: Small & medium size service sector businesses, local authorities, trade associations, charitable and care organisations, professional practices, voluntary sector institutions.

Qualified & Experienced Staff

Our core staff have been with the company since its earliest days so we have a great deal of experience of the PC world and its development. We have taken many of the Microsoft technical exams including taking (and passing) the MCSE qualifications. We have, previously, held Sage Developer accreditation although we now no longer work with the Sage software.

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